At the beatiful Paranssos, where Arachova ends, we built our home. We chose a quite place, on the way to Delphi, on a slope overlooking the Delphic olive grove. It's our dream we share with you...

Welcome to… your home!

Our guesthouse offers a cosy stay and easy access to the ski resort. Our rooms are decorated and carefully edited with taste, combining
-among others -, the famous homemade breakfast of Mrs. Mairy, room-service and an experience that you will never forget.

Guesthouse Mylona

We are going to host you with pleasure in our well taken care rooms, so you can enjoy the famous homemade breakfast of Mrs. Mairy, and an experience that you will never forget, with the view of Parnassos - always with safety-. Where Arachova ends, far away from traffic and the crowds, we built our home. We chose a quite place, on the way to Delphi, on a slope overlooking the Delphic olive grove. However, the home turned out to be a bit larger than what we need, and we decided to make it available to you as well. This idea slowly became what we call: "guesthouse". A total of eight rooms, that can host up to.... "1000" people, because everyone is welcome! We looked to give our guesthouse a name as well: "Peace", "Tranquility" and so on, but we found out that these are "common" names. For that reason we decided to give our guesthouse our own name. Besides, everyone in Arachova, know our home as "Mylona's house". Because "if you do not blow your own trumpet...", we left that role to the magazine Athenorama, that believes we are one of the 50 top guesthouses in Greece. They've seen a lot, so they must know better...However, becaue we are experiencing hard times, and just for you own peace of mind, we do everything for you own safety: total decontamination, bedroom served breakfast and meals delivered by the fireplace, from the most renowened restaurants of Arachova.

All of the bedrooms have, delux beds (not just two individual beds... pushed together). We laid tassels on the floors, and put white quilts on the beds. Because the cold weather in Arachova is a concern, the rooms have autonomous heating units, with an esoteric switch, so you can stay in the warmth as much as you wish. For those that are not bored of series, all rooms include a TV and for those that are indeed bored of series we have a mini Hi-Fi in each room as well. If you don't want any music either, the fireplace will be your best company. We pile the fireplace logs for you, so you just enjoy it. It is part of our daily room service, so you just need to light the match.

All rooms have their own supplies of coffee and tea, so you don't get anxious regarding being on time for the breakfast and because it's not always snowing in Arachova, all rooms include a refrigerator as well. However, if you do get to enjoy our breakfast (which is rich enough to keep you full up until launch), it will of your benefit. Sweets and savory: whatever you wish. Cheesepies, fresh eggs, cheese, cold-cuts, homemade marmelades, apple pies, cakes, pasta flora, and fresh juice... all prepared and taken care from Mrs. Mairy, the mom of the family, served with attention in the detail.

The devil is in the details. Especially in the rooms. Apart from the mom, the daughter has to something as well. Since she got bored of Athens, and the all the city noise, she came to Arachova and built her art gallery at home. Every now and then, she changes the room decoration (so she can justify the years she stayed in the University of Arts). And because artists want their work to be...recognized and we don't sell the artwork, you can enjoy her creations in the rooms.

Rich, homemade breakfast up until 1 in the afternoon, LCD TV, CD Players, DVD player, free WI-FI, daily room cleaning, daily fireplace preparation, room serice, refrigerator, coffee and tea supplies. But, we said enough, and once you visit us you are going to have a great time. However, give us a call before you are on your way to us, becuase although everyone is welcome, we might not just have a free room at the time.

Note: Our guesthouse has eco-friendly heating units.

The rooms

For classical taste. With fireplace, and rock-decorated wall with sharp edges. Delux bed, living room, hidden bathroom lighting, and shower cabinet. The entrance is from the front yard.
Space efficient and modern for all tastes - the fireplace is in a corner
The "red" one. With cosy, warm, red-like and wood-shade colors, with artwork and wooden collage on the wall, it creates a mood for...relaxation. Delux comfy bed, shower cabinet, fireplace, and big comfy pillows so you can feel like a "king".
In purple tones, with modern decoration, fireplace and comfy chairs so you can relax. It didn't have a shower cabinet initially but now it does!
With an intense personality. The fireplace at the center of the room so you can feel the warmth either while sitting or lying on your bed. Like the previous rooms, it has a delux bed -with a special headboard- and a bathroom.
This room stays at the top of our guests' choices for 5 years now. Everyone is asking for this room, and they are right to do so. It is so requested, that we are thinking of using the number 6 for all of our rooms. It's a double spaced room, with a wooden attic, a delux bed and a rooftop window. Comfy living room, with a balcony overlooking the Delphic olive grove.
The "traditional". A double spaced room as well, with a fireplace and a wooden loft. The bed is located in the loft under the rooftop window so you can count the stars before you fell asleep. Of course it has a bathroom, TV, mini Hi-Fi, refrigerator, and petrol lamps for a more tradition feel. However, the petrol lamps are only for decoration and do not function but you can use the chandelier for some light.
Like all attics, this room is not recommended for tall people. It is recommended though for the romantic ones. Coated with wood, it is the only attic in which you will find a fireplace. Next to the fireplace, a large window, so you can enjoy the view of the almond trees and the winter sunset.

Our breakfast

Cheesepies, fresh eggs, cheese, cold-cuts, homemade marmelades, apple pies, cakes, pasta flora, and fresh juice... all prepared and taken care from Mrs. Mairy, the mom of the family, served with attention in the detail.


Where you can find us...

Our guesthouse is 1500 m away from the Arachova central plaza (2 minutes by car). On the left side of the road, on your way to Delphi, and 150m after the final sign to Arachova, you wil find a sign leading to the guesthouse. We are approximately 2.5 hours away from Athens and only 25 minutes away from the Parnassos Ski Resort.


Guesthouse Mylona, P.O.Box 32004, Αrachova - Parnassos

Telephone numbers 
Fixed line: 22670-32111 & Mobile: 6977 956 066 - 6938 352 032

Reservations & Availability checks 
Reservations and availability checks are done exclusively through phone calls.

For more info (not reservations) you can email us to: lily.mylo[at]

Bank accounts
Alpha Bank
IBAN:GR61 0140 2400 2400 0278 6001 259

Piraeus Bank
IBAN:GR10 0171 8870 0068 8712 2455 871
Do not hesitate to contact us for any question you might have regarding our services.